Original LED Skincare Mask

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LUMINEXA™ skin care mask uses photon light therapy (IPL), often only found in salons, in a compact easy to use device.

Using specific wavelength light, promote blood circulation, increase collagen production, and various other benefits. Try it with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

7 Treatments In A Single Device

LUMINEXA™ has seven different modes, depending on what your skin issues are. 

With 150+ LED's, get a salon grade treatment, that is 100% free of harmful UV Rays.

Use it before your daily skincare routine to help improve absorption of skincare products.

Range Of Features

How It Works

Photoreceptors within skill cells are extremely sensitive and a play a significant part to the quality of your skin. Through exposure to specific light wavelengths, activate your skins natural healing properties.

Clinical Grade Phototherapy In The Comfort Of Your Home

The mask is fully ergonomic and fits all face types. Lined within is a soft silica gel, giving a very comfortable fit. Ideal for all different skin types.

Use it anywhere, with it being fully wireless. Equipped with the device is a 1200mAh battery, for 2 hours of high intensity continuous use.

Results From Our Community

Since launching in 2019, we've sold over 16,000+ units in 5 different countries. With LUMINEXA™, fight against those annoying skin issues, and reveal your best self.

The Ultimate Skincare Investment

Optimise Your Skincare Routine and get better results using your favourite skincare serums/creams!

LUMINEXA™ increases absorption of skincare products by up to 4x, achieved through cell simulation. Make your products more effective, and save $$$ on excess unused product.

Start Seeing Effects In 2-3 Weeks

The perfect addition to anyones skincare routineEach session lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes. Once done, you can apply your normal skincare routine. 

See initial changes within the first stage of treatment (2-3 weeks). After the second stage of treatment (1-2 months) start seeing stronger and more significant improvements.

For optimal effects, you should try and use it once a day on a consistent basis.

LUMINEXA uses a USB-C plug that's compatible for all USB ports.

Although our skin mask should be fine to use for most people, we advise anyone who has a thyroid condition, epileptic, children/babies and or pregnant not use this without medical consultation first.

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